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Note: Old announcements are periodically removed.

December 9, 2016: NPGS on Windows 10

For some time, the 'office' installation of NPGS was verified to work under Windows 10. Now, it has been confirmed that the 64 bit NPGS board driver is also compatible with 64 bit Windows 10.

October 2, 2015: NPGS Update v9.1

The latest free update of NPGS v9.1 is available. Click Update History above for a summary of the improvements to NPGS. A complete improvement history is available on the update web page. Also, for most systems, NPGS v9.1 can be run under 64 bit Windows 7 Pro by requesting the free 64 bit driver for the NPGS PCI516 board.

October 1, 2008: Keithley 6485 Picoammeter

Software to communicate with a Keithley 6485 Picoammeter through a serial port is available with NPGS at no charge. Current users can send e-mail to get a copy of the new software at no charge. The current release of NPGS also includes a feature to allow the user to call the new software so that multiple readings from the picoammeter can be averaged and automatically entered into the NPGS software before a pattern is written.

October 29, 2004: False Virus Notification about "encrypt.exe" in DesignCAD LT 2000

{Update: This issue does not affect the newer DesignCAD Express v16.2 which can also be used with the latest release of NPGS.}

Recently, virus scanning programs have been flagging the "encrypt.exe" program within DesignCAD  LT 2000 as having the "W95.CIH.remnants" virus. In some cases, the scanning software prevents DesignCAD LT 2000 from installing properly.

In all cases, the "W95.CIH.remnants" notification means that the affected file at one time had the "W95.CHI" virus, however, the virus was removed (in this case, many years ago) and is no longer active. However, the virus scanning software is now treating the file as though it still has an active virus, which is inappropriate. The bottom line is that when the original virus was removed, some inactive bits of the virus were left in the file, which is what is now being treated as an active virus.

If DesignCAD LT 2000 is already installed, you can simply have the virus scanning software delete the "encrypt.exe" file, since it is not used by NPGS anyway.

If you are trying to install DesignCAD LT 2000, do the following: 1) Disable the active virus scanning; 2) Install DesignCAD LT 2000; and 3) Re-enable the virus software. Subsequently, you can delete the "encrypt.exe" file.

Oct. 3, 1996:  E-Mail Addresses:

If you have not already done so, please send e-mail to and introduce yourself and your research.  This will provide me with a updated list of e-mail addresses, that may be used for special announcements, etc.  User e-mail addresses will not be incorporated into the NPGS web site.

Sample Pictures:

If you have samples made with NPGS that you wish to have displayed on this page, please send a gif or jpeg file by e-mail, or a hardcopy that can be scanned. Also, please include a short description of the processing, as well as the application and/or research that the sample is used in.  Alternately, if you have a picture that shows an interesting problem that can be encountered during SEM lithography that would be appropriate for the Diagnostic Images section of the NPGS Sample Pictures page, please send it as well.

WWW Links:

If you have a web site related to e-beam lithography that discusses your research, your facilities, or has pictures of your devices, please let me know.  Also, you are encouraged to make links to the NPGS page at "http:/".


If you know of any suppliers related to e-beam lithography that are not listed in the "Other Resources" page, please let me know. Also, any suggestions to improve this web site or NPGS are always welcome.

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